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Milling Machine ERNAULT SOMUA Z1C

Milling Machine ERNAULT SOMUA Z1C 1
Type Z1C
Number of axes 3
X-axis stroke 710 [mm]
Y-axis race 250 [mm]
Z-axis stroke 400 [mm]
Fast travel speed X, Y 3000 [mm/min]
Fast travel speed Z 1500 [mm/min]
Maximum distance. pin/table 430 [mm]
Table length 1200 [mm]
Table width 300 [mm]
Adjustable vertical head universelle (bi-rotative)
Mini speed. Brooch 40 [tr/min]
Maximum speed. Brooch 2000 [tr/min]
Pin power 2.2 [kW]
Number of spindle speeds 12
Number of feed speeds 9
Supply voltage 380 [V]
Weight 1350 [Kg]
Milling Machine ERNAULT SOMUA Z1C
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